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About us

Organized in the year of 2015, Crafts in Vogue is a humble attempt to showcase the brilliance of intricate works, diligently crafted by the yet unrecognized artisans of several parts of India.

We at Crafts in Vogue, endeavor to give these artisans their real due by thriving to directly source the products from them cutting down on commissions and promising a fair compensation, at the same time making it economically feasible to the buyer.

Every piece of art and furniture showcased by Crafts in Vogue is individually handcrafted and requires days and sometimes even months of exhaustive crafting to take shape.

For a wonderful array of our expositions, you are welcome to visit and shop at our website which extensively highlights some of the most valuable artefacts that you would love to display at your abode.


How it Started !

One fine evening, on the busy MG Road in Pune, Mr and Mrs Garg spotted an artisan sitting on the footpath and selling small models of ships made out of bamboo.

Crafts in Vogue inspiration

This artisan's name was Usuf Ismail Shaikh and he used to craft these lovely models during the day and sell them throughout the evening. The business was slow as there was no exposure for his product, and still he had hardly any time for himself.

This made the couple come up with a idea of creating a platform where the artisans can come and sell their products directly to the customers ( with all technicalities then care of). With that their products can not only get better exposure and value, the artisans can only focus on their creations.


People Behind !

Krishna Kumar Garg

Mr. Krishna Kumar Garg, Founder and CEO

Mr. Garg is a retired IFS officer who served for 35 years and retired in 2015 as Additional Principle Chief Conservator of Forests, Rajasthan.
He is the brain behind the idea of starting something which can help the artisans showcase and sell their work directly to the entire world.
He enjoys playing Tennis and Gardening in his free time.


Kamlesh Garg

Mrs. Kamlesh Garg, Founder and Chief Advisor

Mrs. Garg, holds M.A. in psychology and tries to implement her learnings in psychology on everyone around her.
She can make friends very easily, be it during her morning walks, her trips to unknown destinations or even on a negotiation table.



Registered Office:

Red Beetle Artisans LLP,
6/5, Chitrakoot Scheme, Off Ajmer Road, Jaipur 302021, Rajasthan, INDIA