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Prateek Tandon

Prateek Tandon - Artist - Crafts in Vogue

Prateek is full-time professional artist. The hills, greenery rains make him creative and inspire unique ideas.

Art to him is an expression of one's soul. It is sacred, a Yoga, a means of connecting with God. When he paints, he feels that it is his offering to Lord Krishna.

His paintings are mostly Landscapes, on Magic Fantasy on Spirituality. Adding a fantasy element to landscapes is his passion. He makes representational art.

He is a versatile user of Pencil on Paper, Acrylic on Canvas, Watercolour Oil paints. He keeps on experimenting with new media such as water soluble sketching pencils, water-soluble Oil paints Brush Pens. He has a fair knowledge of art, art theory expression, be it through his teachers such as Sachin Nimbalkar, and peers, the Internet or books or by attending seminars such as those given by Ranjit Hoskote in Mumbai.

His work is displayed in leading venues such as Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai; Gallery Gold, Kolkata; Bal Gandharva Kala Dalan, Darpan Art Gallery, Malaka Spice, New Art Gallery,Pt. Bhimsen Joshi Kaladalan, P. N. Gadgil Art Gallery, Bliss Art Gallery, Rudraksh Art Gallery,Hyatt Regency Hotel, Ishanya Mall, Sacred World Mall, Rohi Villa Empress Botanical Gardens, Pune.

He is an active life member of the Art Society of India, Mumbai. He is also a committee member of the Society of Indian Marine Artists (SIMA) also a life member of Chitari Academy of Fine Arts, Pune.