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Crafts in Vogue - Micro Pegasus - Painting - Prateek Tandon

Micro Pegasus

Rs. 12,700.00

Micro Pegasus - By Prateek Tandon

The coconut painting depicts the Greek flying horse "Pegasus" emerging from a coconut. A coconut is a mundane, routine, drab and monotonous object used by women in cooking in the kitchen. It is seen almost every week. I have added a touch, a spark of life, excitement, magic and fantasy to a routine object by adding a magical, mythological creature. I have endeavoured to make a dull object interesting. Pegasus was a flying horse. I have created it's "micro" form. Hence, the name "Micro Pegasus".
                             The second explanation is that this micro Pegasus was born and caged inside this coconut. It has eaten up half of the white part of the inside of the coconut (the left half of the broken coconut does not have any white). It has now broken the coconut into two and has emerged out with flying colours. This is freedom. We may learn a spiritual lesson from this. We must break the shackles of this world, of illusion, of Maya, and gain true freedom, Enlightenment, Moksha and be born again (the scriptures call such a person twice born)!

About the Artist

Key Features Crafts in Vogue  Medium:

  • Watercolour on paper
  • Unframed
Product Code - Crafts in Vogue Product Code :  PAWPPEGASUS01

 Origin Of Art : Maharashtra

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  • Avoid storage in Sun, hot or humid place
  • Do not wash with water or use damp cloth

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    • Protected against any damage during shipment.

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